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SBIRS-Geo-3 delivered to orbit during first ULA mission in 2017

United Launch Alliance Atlas V delivered to orbit yesterday latest Space Base Infrared System Geosynchronous Earth Orbit satellite under contract with Department of Defense and Lockheed Martin signed in 2012. Satellite will be third in new constellation of early warning system against Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles. Originally planned for Thursday, 19 January (local time), mission was…
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Atlas V launch rescheduled for Saturday

United Launch Alliance, operator of Atlas V rocket, was forced at night to scrub and reschedule planned launch. Attempt of delivering to orbit SBIRS-Geo-3 satellite will be performed tomorrow at 00:42 UTC. Launch scrub was caused by an aircraft, which entered into restricted zone around launch site just four minutes before launch. Earlier, launch was…
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Problems with Galileo navigation system

ESA reported first problems with functioning their navigation system. Issues spotted already in 2017 are first serious problems since announcing start of Galileo Initial Services by European Commission on 15 December 2016. According to ESA, which coordinates and operates Galileo, at least four from eighteen satellites from present constellation of Galileo are affected with problem.…
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OSIRIS-REx after first deep space maneuver

NASA officially confirms that OSIRIS-REx space probe performed successfully first deep space maneuver (DSM-1). First Deep Space Maneuver (DSM-1) was performed on Dec. 28, 2016.  It was necessary to set up the probe on the correct course to perform an Earth gravity assist in September this year. Assist will begin lasting two years flight to…
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Last astronaut on the moon, Gene Cernan, dies at 82

Former astronaut Gene Cernan, second American who walk in space and astronaut who flew to the moon twice, last man standing on the the natural satellite of the Earth died yesterday in Houston. Gene Cernan, astronaut and Navy pilot died surrounded by family after long illness. He was 82 years. NASA announced about his death…
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Six CubeSat satellites deployed today from International Space Station

Crew members remaining inside ISS performed successful deployment of six CubeSat satellites today using J-SSOD deployment device. Operation started today at 09:11 UTC from deploying three CubeSats built by Japanese Universities from JEM Small Satellite Orbital Deployer (J-SSOD). These were ITF-2, WASEDA-Sat-3 and FREEDOM. First two are based on 1U size standard (10 x 10…
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Flight of the new Japanese small solid fueled rocket without success

SS-520-4 sounding rocket failed to put into LEO orbit TRICOM-1 satellite during launch performed yesterday from Uchinoura Space Centre at 08:33 local time (23:33 UTC on Saturday). It was maiden flight of fourth configuration of SS-520 rocket - smallest launch vehicles in the world. SS-520-4 solid fueled rocket is railed launched light vehicle created as…
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Pesquet and Kimbrough after EVA-2 !

Thomas Pesquet of ESA and Shane Kimbrough of NASA finished today second ISS spacewalk in 2017 (EVA-2/Expedition 50) and performed flawlessly all tasks. This time Thomas Pesquet instead Peggy Whitson was partner of Shane Kimbrough. During 197th spacewalk in the history of International Space Station they were supported by Peggy Whitson of NASA, who helped…
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First pictures taken by SuperView-1 01/02 already on Earth

Two commercial imaging satellites from Gaojing-1 series deployed prematurely after launch on 28 December 2016 seems to work correctly and already send first pictures.  Satellites finally managed to reach correct position in orbit and pass all necessary tests. Chinese news agency Xinhua announced yesterday, that both satellites send first pictures taken with 0.5 m resolution with onboard panchromatic…
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Thales Alenia Space grabbed contract for ExoMars 2020

ExoMars mission delayed for 2020 and suffering for problems with organization and budget reaches next key point. Thales Alenia Space signed contract with ESA to complete activities concerning ExoMars. Contract was signed on 16 December 2016 and opened door for receiving by Thales Alenia Space additional funding given previously by the decision of ESA Ministerial…
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