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Fourth EVA already begun !

Two astronauts begun their first from series of three spacewalks planned for following weeks. Today Shane Kimbrough (NASA, four EVAs in career) and Thomas Pesquet (one EVA in career) started first from two planned spacewalks planned for following days. They started their EVA  from Quest Airlock. Planned for 6.5 hours spacewalk covers following objectives: Replacing outside Multiplexers/Demultiplexers…
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VA236 postponed again

Strike of workers at Guiana Space Center caused already one day of delay to scheduled for this week launch of Ariane 5 with SGDC and Koreasat-7 communications satellites. Now it appeared that management and unions failed to agree and mission slips to Thursday or even later. Arianespace, Company which is operator of Ariane 5 and is…
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North Korea after another ICBM missile test

North Korea after test fire of their latest rocket engine performed on Saturday performed trial of prototype of ICBM missile. It was another part of clear message for USA and their allies, that North Korea is strong enough to continue development of their space and rocket program in spite of sanctions and embargos. On Saturday…
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ExoMars starts orbital manueuver

The ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter, spacecraft launched by Roscosmos and ESA which arrived Mars orbit in October 2016, is going to change its orbit. It will reduce altitude and will start lasting another 12 months process of aerobraking to reduce speed and reach orbit with altitude of 400 km using for this minimal amount of…
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Busy weekend in space – WGS-9 launched, Dragon unberthed

It was busy time for NASA, SpaceX and United Launch Alliance. ULA managed to deliver to orbit WGS-9 military communications satellite on the top of the Delta IV, NASA and SpaceX performed successfully unberthing of Dragon cargo spacecraft from International Space Station. Launch of Delta IV was planned as part of program of updating communications…
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WGS-9 already tomorrow !

Military communications satellite called WGS-9 designed for U.S. Army and for its allies will be launched tomorrow on the top of the Delta IV rocket. This is latest communications satellite built by Boeing for U.S. Army and partially sponsored by following countries: Canada, Denmark, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and New Zealand. Each country expressed will of…
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Falcon-9 with record payload reached today orbit

Today Falcon-9 FT rocket bet own record of payload delivered to Geostationary Transfer Orbit. Echostar-23 communications satellite with mass of 5.5 t was launched today from Kennedy Space Center LC-39A. SpaceX managed to perform successful launch with record mass of the payload under fairing of Falcon-9 FT. Weighing 5.5 t Echostar-23 communications satellite was delivered…
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IGS Radar 5 mission delayed due the poor weather conditions

Another after launch delayed due the weather after Echostar-23 mission. This time JAXA, Japan's space agency failed to launch their H-IIA rocket with IGS Radar 5 military reconnaissance satellite under the payload fairing. Rocket will not be launched earlier than on 17th March 2017 at 01:20 UTC. Second mission of H-IIA in 2017 was again covering…
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Weather still stops launch of the Falcon-9 with Echostar-23 under the fairing

After first attempt of launch Falcon-9 FT rocket with Echostar-23 communications satellite, which was performed according to schedule yesterday was interrupted by heavy rains at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Launch was postponed to Tuesday morning hours, but still it seems that bad luck followed this mission. This time instead heavy rains mission was interrupted by…
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Atlas V / OA-7 mission delayed due the problems with hydraulics subsystems

Mission of Orbital ATL Cygnus cargo spacecraft (OA-7), which was scheduled for  March 10, was postponed due the problems with the launch vehicle - United launch Alliance Atlas V rocket. New launch date was set to 21st March 2017 with "not earlier than" status. Mission was planned as commercial resupply flight, with Cygnus S.S. John…
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