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Tianzhou-1 docked to Tiangong-2 space station

After two days of space journey first Chinese robotic cargo spacecraft reached Tiangong-2 space station and managed to docked yesterday to docking port after rendez vous on 385 km Low Earth Orbit. Three days ago on Thursday, April 20th Long March 7 was launched from Wenchang Satellite Launch Center to deliver to LEO orbit Tianzhou-1…
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Cygnus docked to International Space Station for the seventh time

Orbital ATK robotic cargo spacecraft Cygnus S.S. John Glenn successfully docked to International Space Station today. It was end of lasting four days space journey for Cygnus. Seventh mission conducted by Orbital ATK under CRS contract started on 18 April when ULA Atlas V rocket in 401 configuration lifted off from Cape Canaveral with extended…
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Tianzhou-1 launched !

China launched their first robotic cargo spacecraft, Tianzhou-1, with resupply mission to remaining on 380 km orbit Tiangong-2 space station. This historical launch was performed at 11:43 UTC from Wenchang Satellite Launch Center today with Long March 7 rocket. This is large, long for 53 m modern Chinese rocket launched for the second time in…
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Soyuz MS-04 docked – launch, flight and docking during same day !

Soyuz MS-04 mission finished after only few hours - Fyodor Yurchikhin (Roscosmos) and Jack Fischer (NASA) spent really short time inside Soyuz spacecraft before it docked to International Space Station's Poisk module. Expedition 51 started ! This mission was unique basically because docking was performed few hours after start and also because of fact, that…
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Asteroid passes close to Earth !

Asteroid will fly in distance 4.6 times greater than distance between moon and Earth; still distance of 1 800 000 km is enough to spot asteroid with strong binocular today and tomorrow after dusk. The asteroid was named as 2014 JO25 after being discovered relatively not long time ago. In May 2014 one from astronomers at the Catalina…
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Long March rolled out with Tianzhou-1

This will be historical mission in the history of Chinese space exploration program - Long March 7 rocket will deliver to orbit first Chinese robotic cargo spacecraft during its second flight. Rocket was already rolled out from assembling facility at Wenchang Satellite launch Center. Roll out was performed on April 17 at 07:30 local time. Rocket…
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Cygnus OA-7 delivered to orbit !

United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket in 401 version delivered to orbit Orbital ATK Cygnus robotic cargo spacecraft with resupply mission to International Space Station. Cygnus spacecraft reached space on the top of the flagship rocket of United Launch Alliance. Atlas V in 401 configuration (with four meter fairing, no boosters and single engine installed…
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DARPA signs agreement with SSL in spite of Orbital ATK law suit

DARPA decided to sign agreement with SSL covering continuing program of creating jointly robotic space vehicle able to service satellites remaining on orbit. It is important step for recovering many government satellites remaining on orbit. Joint effort of SSL developing satellite bus and DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) with advanced work on payload entered…
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Service action inside Cupola module !

Crew members managed to change one from panels installed in one from seven windows in the Cupola International Space Station module. Cupola module remains attached to nadir-facing port of Tranquility ISS module since 2010. It is primary observation module of International Space Station mainly used for operating Canadarm2 robotic arm like undocking Dragon cargo spacecraft, controlling docking and undocking of…
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Aerojet Rocketdyne still in game for Vulcan engine contract

According to Tory Bruno, CEO of United Launch Alliance, Aerojet Rocketdyne with their AR1 engine still has a chance to win battle for contract with its main competitor - Blue origin offering their BE-4 engine. It is truth that more often we can hear voices, that BE-4 is rather potential winner, as process of the development of…
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