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Lesson learned? Problems with Schiaparelli EDM started already on Earth.

On May 24 ESA announced end of the investigation, which continued since anomaly and crash of the Schiaparelli EDM on Mars surface on October 19, 2016. Lander was destroyed after it hit into Mars surface after seven months of space journey, which started on March 14, 2017. During attempt of controlled reentry and landing EDM lander…
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DARPA chooses Boeing for their XS-1 space plane project

The Boeing Company was chose by DARPA to continue development process their version of future space plane known under XS-1 codename.  Boeing has been chosen from group of other companies which unfortunately did not reached advanced design work phase. Projects presented by Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems and Masten Space Systems have Phase 1 have not met acceptance…
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Tundra early warning satellite on orbit !

Russia managed to deliver to orbit another early warning satellite from EKS system yesterday. Soyuz rocket was launched from Plesetsk Cosmodrome from Launch Complex 43/4 at 06:34 UTC. This was in fact first launch of the rocket from Russia in 2017 not related with International Space Station. Mission was planned to cover demand of Russian…
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Electron launched from Launch Complex 1

Rocket Lab managed to launch their first Electron rocket from Launch Complex 1 placed on the Mahia Peninsula in New Zealand. Launch was successful but main objective was not be achieved - Rocket Lab announced in the official statement after mission. This was great day for Rocket Lab, American company with research facilities in the United States and…
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Launch of the Electron rocket delayed

Rocket Lab announced that launch of their light rocket called Electron is delayed due the poor weather conditions at Launch Complex 1 at Māhia Peninsula, New Zealand. Rocket Lab suffers for delay since last Sunday. Maiden flight of the Electron rocket carrying capsule with sensors and scientific equipment was planned originally for 21st May, but…
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Additional spacewalk on ISS !

Today we could watch not planned spacewalk performed by crew members of International Space Station. It was sixth EVA in 2017 and another success of ISS crew. Today Peggy Whitson and Jack Fischer left Quest airlock to perform service on MDM computer unit, which was installed outside the Station on lab’s power truss. Both MDM units installed in…
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Electron debut planned for Monday

American company Rocket Lab is going to launch their Electron rocket this week using New Zealand's latest launch complex placed on Mahia Peninsula near North Island. This will be real test of alternative approach for rocket design. Electron is lightweight small launch vehicle made mostly of aircraft alloys and carbon fiber and equipped with nine Rutherford…
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Second mission of Elysium Cubesat satellite planned for 2018

Elysium, USA based Company which offers place inside Cubesat satellites for cremated remains announced on May 16th that plans for 2018 putting their Elysium Star II satellite as piggyback payload for Falcon-9 rocket. It will be second attempt performed by Elysium - first one failed after launch when Super Strypi sounding rocket failed to reach…
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SES-15 on orbit, Arianespace celebrates 79th successful launch in a row

Arianespace is getting close to new record: 100 successful launches in a row performed by one organization. Thanks to Russian Soyuz rocket Company delivered today to orbit SES-15 communications satellite.   With the codename VS17 Arianespace signed launch of Russian Soyuz-2.1b rocket from Guiana Space Center with first SES satellite with electric propulsion. This step is…
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