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New opportunities from Arianespace with extended Vega

One of the launch vehicles remaining in the disposition of Arianespace, Vega rocket, will soon show extended capability of delivering and deploying small satellites. Vega, made y Avio, is smallest from launch vehicles offered by Arianespace on the market. According to European Space Agency, Vega will soon be equipped with new payload adapter. This will…
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Two cargo spacecrafts docked to ISS !

Russian cargo spacecraft Progress MS-05 docked successfully to International Space Station today after lasting for 48 hours space journey which started from Baikonur Cosmodrome. It delivered to International Space Station 2.5 t of supplies.  To remind Progress MS-05 reached space on 22 February on the top of the Soyuz-U. Docking was planned after rendezvous with ISS…
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Progress MS-05 after first 24 hours in space

Yesterday Progress MS-05 robotic cargo spacecraft was delivered to orbit by Soyuz-U rocket from Baikonur Cosmodrome. It was probably last time when we could see Soyuz-U as launch vehicle during mission of Progress spacecraft.  This time there was no problems and Soyuz-U perfectly reach assumed altitude and deployed Progress MS-05 spacecraft. It is worth to remind…
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CRS-10 docking aborted !

SpaceX Dragon failed to dock successfully to ISS Harmony module today due the problems with GPS system. Both NASA and SpaceX decided to postpone docking to Thursday or even later. CRS-10 mission started with launch of the Falcon-9 FT rocket with Dragon under payload fairing from  Launch Pad-39A at Kennedy Space Center on February 19,…
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First flight of Electron is getting close !

Rocket Lab, Company from New Zealand announced about finishing last tests before planned for 2017 first flight of their Electron. This small launch vehicle designed for commercial missions covering delivering Cubesat satellites to Sun-synchronous orbit. Rocket Lab already has delivered Electron to their Launch Complex 1 placed at Mahia Peninsula. Rocket will be checked and…
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First launch from Launch Pad 39A became success !

SpaceX brought back to live one of the most historic places in NASA history - Launch Pad 39A. With resupply mission to the International Space Station of their Dragon cargo lifted on the top of the Falcon-9 FT SpaceX started their extensive flight campaign from Kennedy Space Center. CRS-10 mission started with 24 hour delay…
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SpaceX postpones CRS-10 for 24 h

It not bad weather interrupted CRS-10 mission as it was predicted before. Launch was halted in the last moments before ignition due the technical reasons. More positive weather forecasts from Friday, which mentioned that chance for launch increased from 50% to 70% turned out to be truth. Launch was possible and refueling process along with…
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Commercial Crew Program with delays, NASA seeks for alternatives

According to NASA decided finally to seek alternative to planned manned Dragon and CST-100 spacecrafts with first regular missions scheduled for 2019. Explanation is simple - NASA resigned to purchase places for their astronauts for 2019 from Roscosmos, and in case of any delays with SpaceX manned Dragon or Boeing CST-100, 2019 could be first…
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Everything is ready for CRS-10 !

Title should say everything about the weather. Only heavy rains predicted at Florida can stop SpaceX launch preparations. This historical mission is good sum up of position of SpaceX in American space industry. Company will launch in following days their Dragon commercial cargo spacecraft to International Space Station from LC-39 Pad A at Kennedy Space…
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