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Terra Bella leaves Google !

Planet, company which owns and operates fleet of miniature satellites, acquired Terra Bella from Google to enhance own services with fleet of high resolution satellites. Google sold Planet one of its main competitors on the market. Planet, which operates at the moment fleet of 60 Cubesat satellites deployed mainly from International Space Station, starts in…
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Atlas V arrived to Cape !

Busy time begins for United Launch Alliance and Orbital ATK service teams. Atlas V rocket, designated as launch vehicle for upcoming mission of Cygnus cargo spacecraft soon will arrive at Cape. Yesterday, on February 5, 2017, special ship delivered rocket to Port Canaveral. After week long journey, rocket was finally delivered in special container carefully…
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Production of first parts for “Federation” spacecraft planned for 2017

Yesterday, on 2 February 2017, TASS news agency announced about starting manufacturing parts for"Federation" manned spacecraft in 2017. Spacecraft will service and replace Soyuz-MS in 2021 and will be first Russian manned spacecraft send to the Moon in mission planned to 2025. New manned spacecraft is one of the key parts of modernization process of…
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NASA waits for propulsion test module for the Orion spacecraft program.

Program of Orion spacecraft, joint project by NASA and ESA, reached another milestone. Airbus Defence and Space announced that delivered for further tests to NASA The Propulsion Qualification Test Model (PQM), necessary for further testing Orion European Service Module (ESM) and its propulsion subsystems. As European Space Agency is key partner for Orion project; Airbus…
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Dragon mission swapped with Echostar-23 !

Yesterday SpaceX said that the first Falcon 9 rocket which will be launched from will deliver to space Dragon cargo spacecraft instead Echostar-23 communications satellite.  Launch will be performed from rented two years ago Pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center in Florida on 15th February 2017 It will be first launch from Florida since explosion…
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Swarm-B after close pass near post soviet space debris

ESA decided to cancel maneuver planned for 25 January 2017 and let Swarm-B satellite to fly freely close to piece of space debris. Pieces of space debris from weighing around 3 t before self destructive explosion, post soviet Kosmos-375 ASAT satellite remains on orbit since 1970. Particle piece, which was considered as potential thread is…
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VSB-30 sounding rocket launched MAIUS-1 experiment

Brazilian sounding rocket VSB-30 launched on 23 January 2017 at 03:30 UTC German scientific experiment  MAIUS-1. Rocket was launched from Esrange Space Center in Sweden. It was 24th flight of VBS-30. MAIUS-1 is experiment by DLR, German space agency and covers test of the Einstein’s equivalence principle in microgravity. Rocket reached altitude of 238 km…
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H-IIA after first launch in 2017 – 32nd success achieved !

JAXA launched yesterday at 07:44 UTC first in 2017 H-IIA rocket. This time vehicle delivered to orbit military communications satellite DSN-2. This launch was part of whole program, which assumes to decreasing dependence of Japan  from foreign satellites specially in case of national security. DSN-2 satellite was launched to orbit by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries H-IIA…
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SBIRS-Geo-3 delivered to orbit during first ULA mission in 2017

United Launch Alliance Atlas V delivered to orbit yesterday latest Space Base Infrared System Geosynchronous Earth Orbit satellite under contract with Department of Defense and Lockheed Martin signed in 2012. Satellite will be third in new constellation of early warning system against Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles. Originally planned for Thursday, 19 January (local time), mission was…
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