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NROL-52 postponed for the third time

This time not weather conditions, but technical issues with Atlas V launch vehicle caused another delay in NROL-52 space mission. Rocket spent last days at SLC-41 with payload encapsulated under the fairing, as Atlas V was rolled out on Tuesday, October 3. After two not successful launch attempts on Thursday and Friday , ULA decided…
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NROL-52 delayed again due the weather conditions

Top secret flight of Atlas 5 with classified payload for National Reconnaissance Office was again postponed for 24 hours. This time launch attempt was in fact even not started. After yesterday's hold, countdown was not resumed due the same reason. Extremely strong winds at SLC-41 made launch impossible and ULA decided to postpone launch of…
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NROL-52 delayed !

Launch of the ULA atlas 5 rocket with classified payload for National Reconnaissance Office was delayed for 24 hours. Launch was scheduled for today from SLC-41 at Cape Canaveral at 07:30 UTC. Rocket in 421 configuration (2 boosters, 4 m fairing and single RL-10 engine installed at Centaur upper stage)  was rolled out on October…
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World View starts its stratospheric program

One of the leading remote sensing satellite operator, World View starts its program of stratospheric balloons able to deliver commercial payloads below Low Earth Orbit instead using sounding rockets. World View managed to successfully performed first from their planned series of balloon stratospheric flights on October 1, 2017. Test flight was performed from Spaceport Tucson in…
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Two Galileo satellites arrive to French Guiana

Galileo-19 and Galileo-20 navigational satellites arrived inside Boeing 747 to French Guiana from Luxembourg airport at September 18, 2017. Pair of satellites will be launched from Guiana Space Center on the top of the Ariane 5 ES in the third quarter of 2018 to enhance constellation of ESA Galileo navigational system. It will be preceded…
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International Space Station after course correction

International Space Station passed through orbit correction maneuver on September 28, 2017 to prepare for docking of Progress MS-07 planned for October. Course correction was performed on September 28, 2017. Mission Control Center in Korolev sent commands to Progress MS-06 docked to Zvezda module since June 16, 2017. Spacecraft was remotely ordered to initialize its…
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Classified launch from Xichang Satellite Launch Center

CNSA performed on September 29, 2017, classified launch of Long March 2C rocket with mysterious payload - probably another Yaogan reconnaissance satellites. CNSA decided to launch another three reconnaissance satellites from Yaogan-30 series. Spacecrafts were delivered successfully to orbit on the top of the Long March 2C rocket from Xichang Satellite Launch Center launch site LC-03…
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Proton-M with Asiasat-9 communications satellite still on orbit

International Launch Services Proton-M rocket begun its mission to deliver to orbit communications satellite for Asia based operator. Proton-M almost performed perfect delivery of weighing 6141 kg communications satellite belonging to Asia Satellite Telecommunications Company. Manufactured by  Space Systems/Loral (SS/L) spacecraft bases on SSL-1300 satellite bus will cover with range of its 28 C band transponders, 32…
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Tianzhou-1 finishes its mission in the waters of Pacific

Chinese robotic cargo Tianzhou-1 finished its first in the history mission after undocking from Tiangong-1 space station followed by destructive reentry over Pacific Ocean. Reentry of the vehicle was performed according to CNSA on last Friday, 22 September at 10:00 UTC after 155 days of the mission. Tianzhou-1 was launched to orbit on April 20,…
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