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Gaojing satellites almost on their correct orbit !

Two Gaojing satellites delivered to incorrect orbit on 28 December 2016 are almost in the end of their journey to correct orbital position. Problems with Gaojing (also known as Superview-1-1 and Superview-1-2) appeared just after launch from Chinese Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center at 03:53 UTC on 28 December 2016. Long March 2D rocket suffered for…
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Echostar-21 still without date of launch

ILS, operator of Proton-M rocket was forced to postpone delivering Echostar-21 communication satellite with Proton-M rocket. Launch originally planned for 28 December 2016, still remains without final date. It is possible, that we will see Proton-M climbing over Baikonur Cosmodrome on January - but still we do not know exactly when. Manufacturer of the rocket…
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New life for Sea Launch

We have official confirmation - S7 group acquired major stock of Sea Launch company. Representatives of both companies met in Moscow on 28 December 2016 and signed final agreement - in this way, Russian S7 group known mainly because of its subsidiary PJSC Siberia Airlines, became launch service provider. This agreement finishes hard period for…
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Gaojing problems explained

After launch performed on 28 December it was not clear which orbit was reached by upper stage of Long March 2D and where exactly Gaojing-1-1 and Gaojing-1-2 were deployed. Now we know -   two remote sensing  satellites missed their orbit. First assumption proved to be true - in fact both Gaojing failed to reach correct…
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Launch of two remote sensing satellites probably only with partial success

Today China launched first pair of new commercial remote sensing satellites - Gaojing-1-1 and Gaojing-1-2. First pair will be followed by another two with planned launch in 2017. Mission was covering delivering pair of the satellites to SSO orbit with altitude of 500 km. Both should be placed on same position of  180° and operate…
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China keeps the pace !

It can be disputed if it is possible to speed up Chinese space program beyond level reached in 2016. New space station, next generations of Beidou navigation satellites, new launch vehicles and trials of the new manned spacecraft - everything seems to run with full speed. Chinese authorities would like to keep things on same…
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Best wishes from space !

As usual members of crew of International Space Station sent us their best Christmas wishes. Just as one year ago, three crew members send us their wishes: Thomas Pesquet (ESA), Shane Kimbrough and Peggy Whitson (NASA). This time, wishes were recorded twelve days before Christmas Eve , on 12 December. Let's share together these special…
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Virgin Galactic completed last flight in 2016

Virgin Galactic managed to conduct last in 2016 flight of their VSS Unity spacecraft. It was sixth flight of this vehicle and 221st for WhiteKnightTwo. It is second test flight after beginning of flight campaign on 3 December 2016. Since 31 October 2014 when accident of VSS Enterprise, first from two SpaceShipTwo spaceplanes, took place,  Virgin…
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Carbonsat launched from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center

China launched their latest research satellite, TanSat (known also as Carbonsat) with mission dedicated to measuring level of carbon dioxide in atmosphere. Satellite will operate for next 3 years from circular orbit with altitude of 700 km with inclination at 98.2º. Mission of the Tansat is mainly objected on research useful in protecting natural environment.…
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VA-234 – last launch by Arianespace in 2016

It was last launch in 2016 for Arianespace. Today, at 20:30 UTC, Ariane 5 was launched at the begining of 75 minute launch window to deliver to orbit two satellites: JCSAT-15 and Star One-D1. This is another mission of two satellites made by SSL and launched under the fairing of Ariane 5 (first was VA…
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