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DARPA signs agreement with SSL in spite of Orbital ATK law suit

DARPA decided to sign agreement with SSL covering continuing program of creating jointly robotic space vehicle able to service satellites remaining on orbit. It is important step for recovering many government satellites remaining on orbit. Joint effort of SSL developing satellite bus and DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) with advanced work on payload entered…
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Service action inside Cupola module !

Crew members managed to change one from panels installed in one from seven windows in the Cupola International Space Station module. Cupola module remains attached to nadir-facing port of Tranquility ISS module since 2010. It is primary observation module of International Space Station mainly used for operating Canadarm2 robotic arm like undocking Dragon cargo spacecraft, controlling docking and undocking of…
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Aerojet Rocketdyne still in game for Vulcan engine contract

According to Tory Bruno, CEO of United Launch Alliance, Aerojet Rocketdyne with their AR1 engine still has a chance to win battle for contract with its main competitor - Blue origin offering their BE-4 engine. It is truth that more often we can hear voices, that BE-4 is rather potential winner, as process of the development of…
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Shijian-13 delivered to orbit from Xichang Satellite Launch Center

Today China launched their experimental communications satellite and started program of tests of their electric ion thruster which could be adopted in future to satellite platforms manufactured and offered on commercial market by Chinese space industry. Long March 3B was launched today (12 April) from Xichang Satellite Launch Center; at 11:04 UTC rocket started from…
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Cosmonaut Georgy Grechko passed away

According to TASS news agency former cosmonaut Georgy Grechko died on April 8, 2016 in Moscow. He was 85 years old. Georgy Grechko was born in Leningrad on 25 May 1931. He flew on number of soviet era space missions:  Soyuz 17, Salyut 4 Soyuz 26, Salyut 6 EO-1, Soyuz 27, Soyuz T-14, Salyut 7 EP-5 and…
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MS-02 on Earth !

Soyuz MS-02 safely returned to Earth with flight engineer Shane Kimbrough (NASA), commander Sergey Ryzhikov (NASA) and flight engineer Andrey Borisenko (Roscosmos) today. In this way Soyuz MS-02 finished its lasting 173 days mission, which started on 19 October 2016, when spacecraft was launched from Baikonur 31/6 launch site and docked two days later to Poisk ISS module…
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Cheops will fly on the top of the Soyuz-ST in 2019

On April 6 2017 it was officially announced, that Cheops satellite designed by Airbus Defence and Space for ESA will be delivered to orbit in 2019 by Arianespace. Decision was made to favor of Arianespace and surely will strengthen position of the Company as leading launch service provider on European market. Contract will be officially signed within…
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Shijian-13 already on 12th April, 2017

CNSA will launch their latest experimental satellite to perform tests of new electric ion thruster which will be used in future communications satellites manufactured in China. Satellite is known as SJ-13 (Shijian-13) and was based on DFH-3B bus. It was designed and manufactured by CAST (China Academy of Space Technology). It will operate from GEO orbit…
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Another 3 months in space – Peggy Whitson will stay longer at ISS

Peggy Whitson, American astronaut who remains at International Space Station since November 19, 2016, will stay in space for another three months to finish all scientific experiments started during Expedition 50. Probably after opening hatch of Soyuz MS-03 and entering ISS through Rassvet docking port, she did not expect that her mission will be extended for…
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First flight of the Proton after long break

After long break caused by investigating  reasons of poor performance of  second stage of Proton-M rocket during delivering Intelsat-31 communications satellite on June 9, 2016, Roscosmos declared recently that rocket will fly again in June 2017. Now we know, that it will be earlier - on 29th May 2017. According to announcement given to TASS news agency…
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