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Orbital ATK Minotaur-4 delivers SkySat Earth (ORS-5) satellite to orbit

In the early morning hours on Friday, August 25, Orbital ATK Minotaur-4 rocket delivered to orbit military satellite and three experimental CubeSat satellites from Space Launch Complex 46 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Main objective of this mission was delivering to orbit experimental military satellite with ability of scanning GEO belts from low earth orbit…
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CREAM installed at EFU-2!

Today, on August 23,  Cosmic Ray Energetics and Mass Instrument was successfully installed at EFU-2 slot. CREAM, Cosmic Ray Energetics and Mass Instrument was delivered on August 14, 2017 inside not pressurized section of Dragon spacecraft, during CRS-12 mission. Device remained closed inside Dragon docked to Harmony module nadir berthing port. Instrument was send to ISS…
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Minotaur assembled at Cape Canaveral

Minotaur-4, converted ICBM missile, was successfully assembled at Launch Pad 46 at Cape Canaveral last Friday, August 19, 2017. Orbital ATK, operator of Minotaur-4, passed through assembly process at Launch Pad 46 last Friday. Rocket was delivered in parts and thanks to the fact, that rocket is solid fueled, assembling process was done safely directly…
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Russian cosmonauts after 7.5 h spacewalk !

Two Russian cosmonauts performed on August 17, 2017, spacewalk to deploy several nanosatellites collect scientific samples and perform necessary maintenance of the Station. Russian cosmonauts Fyodor Yurchikhin and Sergei Ryazansky from Roscosmos performed on last Friday long spacewalk. According to Mission Control Center it lasted 7.5 hours, one hour longer than it was originally planned. Main objective…
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Falcon-9 with Formosat-5 after test fire

SpaceX successfully performed test fire before their next launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California. SpaceX finished most important test before planned for August 24 2017 launch of the Taiwan’s National Space Organization observation satellite Formosat-5  - preflight test fire of the first stage of Falcon-9. Falcon-9 was rolled out to the  Space Launch Complex…
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H-IIA deliveres Michibiki-3 to orbit

JAXA decided finally to launch Michibiki-3 navigational satellite after one week of delay caused by problems with H-IIA rocket. It was 35th mission of H-IIA rocket. Primary objective was to deliver third from fourth JAXA navigational satellites. Michibiki-3 will support GPS system which is used in Japan, but suffers for some problems due the mountains…
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TDRS-M launched!

United Launch Alliance managed to deliver to orbit on August 18th NASA’s third generation Tracking and Data Relay Satellite - TDRS-M. Atlas V lifted off from SLC-41 at Cape Canaveral on August 18, at 12:29 UTC. Launch was delayed for 26 minutes due the technical problems with Centaur upper stage. RL-10C engine had problems with cooling,…
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Get ready for Atlas V/TDRS-M!

United Launch Alliance Atlas V with TDRS-M satellite under payload fairing was rolled out today at Cape Canaveral. Finally after problems with broken antenna, which appeared in the half of July TDRS-M was successfully encapsulated under the payload fairing of the Atlas V rocket (401 configuration); rocket was rolled out to the launch site. With almost…
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Dragon CRS-12 launched!

SpaceX managed to deliver to orbit twelfth Dragon spacecraft with supplies for International Space Station. Falcon-9 1.2v rocket delivered to LEO robotic cargo spacecraft Dragon during twelfth mission under CRS contract. Vehicle was launched as it was previously planned, from Kennedy Space Center LC-39A launch site with 1652 kg of pressurized and 1258 kg or unpressurized cargo for…
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Soyuz-5 already in 2022 !

Remaining still in the early phase of development Soyuz-5 rocket seems to be universal solution for at least two problems for Russian space industry: upcoming retirement of Proton and lack of rocket which could be launched from Sea Launch see platform. According to official statement RCC Energia was selected as primary contractor for Soyuz-5 carrier…
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