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New dimension of commercialization of ISS

Manufacturing Cubesat satellites in space and deploying without necessity of launching with rocket? It is maybe closer than You can imagine! It is maybe not well known fact that from International Space Station crew members has ability to deploy small satellites. In fact, with utilization of Space Station Integrated Kinetic Launcher for Orbital Payload Systems (SSIKLOPS), mass of…
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SES-9 confirmed for 24th February 2016 !

Next SES satellite, which will increase potential of SES S.A. Telecommunication Company, will be launched from Cape Canaveral on 24th February 2016 according to SES official statement. SES-9 mission was truly source of headache for SpaceX management. SES S.A. is one of most important customers for launch services provided by Elon Musk's Company, and this…
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Delta IV Medium, NROL-45 – launched, injected, operating !

Today ULA put into orbit classified payload for National Reconnaissance Office on atop of their Delta IV rocket. From Vandenberg AFS Launch Pad 6, at 11:40 GMT on atop ULA Delta IV new special, secret payload was lifted into space. United Launch Alliance decided to utilize Delta IV in medium variant also described as Delta 4…
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Astro-H satellite scheduled already on 12th February 2016

Japanese X-ray space telescope will be launched, according to JAXA statement, on 08:45 GMT on 12th February 2016 from Tanegashima Space Center. It will be sixth mission of Japanese X-ray astronomy satellite built in cooperation between Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS) and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). Astro-H, scheduled firstly for 2013 was postponed until…
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No fear of asteroids – Luxembourg starts asteroid mining plan !

Some countries are developing programs of early warning of asteroids. Luxembourg would like to change asteroids from the threat into a source of profit. Maybe this fact is not well known, but Luxembourg with population of slightly over 520000 is quite important player on satellite market. With LuxSpace, operator of constellation of probe satellites and…
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Asteroid close to Earth on 5th March 2016

According to NASA’s Center for NEO Studies (CNEOS), on 5th March asteroid called TX68 will pass near Earth in possible closest range of 17000 km. TX68 is small asteroid spotted on October 6, 2013 by Catalina Sky Survey. It was discovered when it was four and half-length of moon distance from Earth (distance to the moon is 384399…
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Glonass-M launched from Plesetsk !

Next satellite covering demands of Glonass navigation system was launched successfully from Plesetsk Cosmodrome today at 00:21 GMT. Tendency of developing own navigation systems could be spotted with ease. Roscosmos have just launched Soyuz-2.1B with new Glonass-M n°56 on atop which will be next element of Glonass, Russian navigation system developed by Russian Aerospace Defence…
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North Korea launched rocket and lift object into the space !

Today, on 7th February 2016, at 00:30 GMT from launch site placed in Sohae rocket Unha-3 lifted object into the space. North Korea authorities confirmed officially launching rocket from Sohae space launch center today. It means that Unha-3 with Kwangmyŏngsŏng-4 satellite on atop, became next step on North Korea way into Space, or into possessing ICBM…
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Edgar Mitchell, sixth man on the Moon died on 4 February 2016 at 85 years.

One of most controversial astronauts, who performed EVA on the Moon, died on Thursday, 4 February 2016 in Lake Worth, Florida. He was last living member of Apollo 14 crew. Edgar Mitchell started his career in NASA in 1966 as second US Navy pilot, who was chosen for further astronautic training. His first task as member of NASA Astronaut…
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Atlas V 401, IIF-12, RD-180 – successful combination for sure !

Next satellite joined today to GPS constellation after successful flight of Atlas V rocket launched from Complex 41 in Cape Canaveral. It is last from Block IIF generation GPS navigation satellites designed and manufactured by Boeing. On 31 October 2015 penultimate satellite was launched on atop of Atlas V in same configuration and now we…
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