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Akatsuki successfully moved into Venus orbit on 7 December 2015

After five years Akatsuki, Japanese space probe, was injected on Venus orbit. Failed injecting into Venus orbit five years ago fortunately not repeated. With utilization of Reaction Control Thrusters (main propulsion failed and ground control was unable to start it), after 19 minute of continuous work, Akatsuki was moved into designated orbit. Technical aspect of placing Akatsuki into correct…
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Garpun satellite launch already on 10th December 2015

Russian Ministry of Defense has scheduled launch of their latest communication satellite, Garpun. It is planned to utilize Proton rocket from Baikonur Cosmodrome. Garpun satellite which will be launched on 10th December 2015 is second from series of three satellites (first was launched on 2011) designated to replace old Potok/Geizer satellites. Potok/Geizer was providing communicational…
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Congratulations, Cygnus !

Orbital ATK Cygnus spacecraft finally on the way to ISS. After three attempts in December, Atlas V rocket finally put Cygnus spacecraft filled with supplies for ISS into space. At the moment Cygnus is on correct course and in about 30 minutes will deploy solar arrays. More about this mission You can find here.
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Virgin Galactic reveals lifting vehicle for LauncherOne

New Virgin launch vehicle designed as air launched two stage rocket called LauncherOne acquired its conveyance - Boeing 747 called Cosmic Girl. It seems that Pegasus rocket will get competitor on the market of air launched rockets. Virgin Galactic announced about choosing designated lifting plane for their new LauncherOne rocket operating similar to Orbital ATK Pegasus.…
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Sea Launch for sale !

Roscosmos and RKK Energia are going to sale Sea Launch Company. According to TASS, both shareholders are interested in selling Sea Launch, company established for launching Ukrainian Zenit rocket from floating sea platform (whole idea was described in  this post referring to Zenit rocket). RKK Energia repurchased shares from Boeing Commercial Space and planned to operate independently. Deep…
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DARPA suspending ALASA – no further tests in 2016

ALASA (Airborne Launch Assist Space Access) program was innovative concept of injecting small satellites into orbit with cost under $1 million with launch vehicle similar to antisatellite missile carried by F15E fighter. Unfortunately "is" suddenly became "was". DARPA announced on their website about suspending ALASA program. According to official statement: "As of November 2015, DARPA…
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