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Hat trick for SSl1300

Space Systems Loral acquired new contract for communication satellite for Indonesia on 30 December 2015. Indonesia is one of more interesting countries in South-East Asia as far as presence in world space industry. Specific for Indonesia is locating on great number of islands (Indonesia is largest island country in the world) and this fact determines great…
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Next funds for new American rocket engine granted

New grants are answer for demand of the US Air Force for American made and comparable with RD-180 rocket engine.  In spite of fact that ULA was allowed to finalize its order for RD-180 engines, US Air Force is still considering to stimulate development of American construction which will be comparative to Russian engines. New budget…
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Changes in Russian space industry – revolution or evolution ?

Roscosmos changed its status from agency to corporation. What does it mean for space industry in Russia ? So from 1st January 2016 there will be no Roscosmos ! It is not a joke; agency in present form will not exist anymore. President Putin under special decree dissolved Federal Space Agency Roscosmos. Its successor will become from…
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Gaofen-4 launched two days earlier – already on the orbit !

Gaofen-4, first Chinese Geostationary remote sensing satellite have been launched earlier than expected - on 28 December 2015. It was loud afternoon in Xichang Satellite Launch Center. At 16:05 GMT, Long March 3B rocket with Gaofen-4 on atop starting to lift off. It is third Gaofen series satellite launched by CNSA, fifth of Gaofen constellation. After approximately of…
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New Chinese observation satellite Gaofen scheduled for 30th December 2015 !

CNSA after postponing launch of Gaofen-4 satellite to 30th December 2015 still keeps schedule - last launch in this year we will see in Chinese Xichang satellite center. Gaofen-4 satellite is scheduled for 30th December 2015. China National Space Administration is developing its program of high resolution imaging satellites (Gao Fen means in Chinese "high resolution") under…
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Atlas V back to game !

Lack of compliance between Senator (Arizona-R) John McCain and his Party resulted in conflict involving both military and ULA.  This time situation is better for ULA and Department of Defense waiting to new remote sensing satellites which should be launched on atop of Atlas V rocket. Congress decided to let ULA finalize order placed in Energomash for next twenty RD-180…
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New Fenix medium rocket still fits in cost cutting budget of Roscosmos

Russian new medium rocket is still in budget planned for 2016 in spite of fact reducing amounts for Federal Space Program. Soyuz rocket is legend of Russian Space Program. Designed as ICBM missile (R7) in 1957 by Sergey Korolev became through years of service one of most utilized and most reliable space launch vehicles. Modernized during…
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Express AMU1 on orbit !

Proton rocket lifted AMU1 communication satellite at 21:31 GMT on Christmas Eve. Postponed from 23 December 2015 launch of Russian broadcasting satellite was performed successfully yesterday from Baikonur Cosmodrome. Satellite is owned by Russian Satellite Communications Co. Company which remains in possession of Russian state and is oriented for civilian communication services. AMU1 satellite is result of cooperation…
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InSight Mars mission delayed to next launch window – until 2018 !

Main research instrument failure holds InSight Mars mission for about two years to next launch window. NASA announced about postponing launching of Mars InSight lander to 2018. During extreme cold temperatures tests on Monday, 21 December 2015, one of main instruments - SEIS seismometer - failed to keep vacuum which is necessary for seismometer to operate. It…
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Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and happy New Year ! Hope that coming Christmas and 2016 will be full of joy, happiness and of course interesting space news on ! We would like to wish all the best to courageous people remain away from their loved ones in space on International Space Station and thank for their…
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