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Something gone wrong – issues with Falcon-9 1.2V

SpaceX decided to postpone launch of their flagship, Falcon-9 1.2V, for another day. Still SpaceX will try to perform landing of the first stage on their robotic ship on Atlantic Ocean. Short post on Twitter is rather standing in the opposition to open information policy of SpaceX. We know only what was announced in enigmatic…
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Falcon-9 1.2V launch with SES-9 in two hours from Cape Canaveral AFS

SpaceX after postponing launch from 24 February 2016 decided to launch Falcon-9 1.2v today on 23:46 GMT. SES-9 is broadcasting satellite operated by Luxembourg company SES S.A.. It was made by Boeing with utilization of 702HP bus and equipped with XIPS - electric ion thruster and very efficient powering system. Satellite will be placed into orbit at 108.2° longitude east…
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Aggiesat4 and Bevo-2 operating as planned after being deployed from ISS

Next successful deployment of small satellites from International Space Station - Low Earth Orbiting Navigation Experiment for Spacecraft Testing Autonomous Rendezvous and Docking (LONESTAR) started ! MEI Technologies, NASA contractor and technology partner for LONESTAR confirmed correct operating of Aggiesat-4 and Bevo-2, two experimental satellites which were built by students of Texas A&M University (Aggiesat) and…
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GSLV Mark 3 keeps the schedule – launch planned for December 2016 confirmed

It is not necessary to convince anybody in space industry about potential in ISRO and Indian space industry. If anyone could have any doubts now it should disappear. ISRO finished ground tests of their new cryogenic engine for third stage for GSLV launch vehicle. ISRO is still developing own launch vehicles to remain competitive not only because of…
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DARPA budget request under sign of scramjets

DARPA is still considering scramjet propulsion, with particular emphasis of universal turbojet-scramjet type, as future for missiles and space vehicles. It is not very hard to spot difference between technologies and general trends in USA civilian and military. It is result of different perspectives of NASA and US Air Force, different objectives and different methods…
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Green light for WFIRST

NASA has green light for developing project of new space telescope based on NRO spy satellite. WFIRST acronym stands for Wide-Field Infrared Survey Telescope and is NASA program for wide-field sky observation devoted especially to research on dark energy and exoplanets. Developed since 2010 space, telescope is designed as medium spacecraft with weight around 6000 kg, powered by solar…
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Fireworks to celebrate US Air Force budget – Minuteman III ICBM launched !

Yesterday at 04:34 GMT unarmed Minuteman III ICBM was launched to perform various tests necessary for keeping missiles in fully operational efficiency. It was official test announced before with full international acceptance. Col. J. Christopher Moss, 30th Space Wing commander, as launch decision authority, described whole launch and further tests accordingly: "While ICBM launches from…
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Asteroid Redirect Mission is on the go but probably delayed to 2023

According to new FAST report announced by NASA on 18 February 2016 there are no recognized precautions for Asteroid Redirect Mission. Asteroids are in the center of attention of widely considered space industry. In spite of Russian initiatives with targeting modified ICBM into asteroids, there are more interesting, less dangerous and more economy targeted solutions…
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Roll-out of new Virgin Galactic SpaceShipOne !

VSS Unity, new spaceplane by Virgin Galactic was unveiled during the show in Mojave, California on 19 February 2016. Virgin Galactic is not developing its space touristic venture in such mysterious way as Blue Origin. Date of presentation second SpaceShipOne, named VSS Unity, was well known before. Whole show taken place in Virgin Galactic facility on Mojave, California. It was…
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Au revoir Cygnus !

After 72 days remaining docked to ISS, Cygnus spacecraft (S.S. Deke Slayton II, OA-4) left International Space Station and started its last flight.  Mission finished, just like operational life of Cygnus OA-4. After 72 days being docked into Node-1 Nadir Common Berthing Mechanism (since 9 December 2015), it started today procedure of unberthing. Of course it could not…
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