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No further development of Dnepr rocket officially confirmed

Probably we will not see any more launches of Dnepr rocket in future, due the decision of Russian authorities. According to TASS agency, Colonel-General Sergey Karakayev commander of Russian Strategic Missile Troops informed TASS journalist on Wednesday, that further development and launches of Dnepr rocket are suspended: "The Russian president decided to suspend the Dnepr conversion…
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Dampe successfully launched !

Yesterday China launched their satellite for research mission devoted to gathering data on dark matter. Satellite was launched from launch pad at Jiuquan Satellite Center at 00:12 UTC. Spacecraft was launched on atop Long March 2D rocket and will remain on sun-synchronous orbit on altitude of 500 km and inclination of 97.4 degrees for around…
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ULA problem with RD-180 engines still not solved

U.S. Air Force announced that three American companies were awarded with contracts for further developing engines able to replace banned Russian RD-180 used in Atlas V rocket. It seems that ULA could back into game for launch service for GPS III missions. Good news for three lucky companies and for United Launch Alliance? Not necessary. USAF…
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Thales Alenia grabs new contract !

O3b is going to remain customer of Thales Alenia Space / Arianespace tandem for next few years. Contract announced on Cannes on 10 December 2015 consist manufacturing next eight satellites to improve capabilities of O3b. Contract value was not precisely stated, but previously O3B acquired $460 million from investors for finishing constellation of satellites. It seems that…
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Spaceloft after 10th mission – test for NASA passed !

Since 2006, Company called UP Aerospace possess small rocket able to lift up to 50 kg of payload to sub-orbital trajectory and altitude of 225 km.  Small rockets are not necessary most recognizable by laics. They are not lifting up space shuttles, military satellites, and parts of space stations. They are not generating spectacular flames…
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Arrow-3 ASAT missile after successful test in Israel

Last Thursday Israeli missile Arrow-3 successfully intercepted dummy ICBM missile. Arrow-3 missile is result of cooperation between USA and Israel. Missile history started in 2008 when governments of both countries signed agreement about developing upper stage for Israeli anti-ballistic missile. With financial participation of USA (only in 2015 it was $74,707 million), project started developed only…
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Forgotten space engineering – Polyus battle spacecraft

Soviet Union, just before collapse, possessed impressive military power - ICBM missiles, warships, bombers, tanks. Generally in terms of size Soviet Army exceed NATO forces multiple times. American cure for this fact was increasing quality of weapon to rectify superiority in the matter of size. Crowning achievement was to become the program of Strategic Defense…
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Last success – Zenit rocket launched !

It is probably last launch of Ukrainian Zenit rocket - one more result of tensions between Russia and Ukraine. Zenit rocket was part of cooperation between Ukraine and Russia and it seemed that brought benefits for both sides. Unfortunately due the politic tensions between these two countries it is reaching its end. Zenit launched with…
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Welcome on Earth !

Members of Expedition 45 crew returned on Soyuz TMA-17M to Earth. Today, after 141 days of living on ISS, two astronauts: Kjell Lindgren (NASA), Kimiya Yui (JAXA) and one cosmonaut: Oleg Kononenko (Roscosmos) board on Soyuz TMA-17M docked into MRM-1 module to prepare for flight. At 9:49 UTC Soyuz deattached and started to move towards the Earth.  At 12:19 UTC  Soyuz…
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