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ISS repositioned and ready for scheduled Soyuz TMA-20M docking

Today International Space Station changed its position with utilization of Progress spacecraft engines. Today International Space Station performed successful orbit correction. Whole correction started at night hours, at 02:05 GMT. After receiving appropriate commands from ground control center, Progress spacecraft docked into ISS, turned on engines and started to move ISS into desired place. Engines…
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Ariane 6 – rocket delayed for 10 years?

Safran, French company responsible for Ariane 5 is currently developing new rocket to meet demands of increasing price competition on space market but it seems that new launch vehicle will have hard life. Economy of the space market is under current development is basically two ways. First of all prices of satellites decreased with increased…
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Super heavy Chinese rocket not before 2030

It seems that Chinese competition for SLS will be launched not before end of next decade. China News Service press agency announced that new Chinese super heavy rocket will not be launched since 2030. According to Source close to China Academy of Space Technology (CAST) for the moment priority for CAST will be developing Long March…
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Good news for Airbus Defence and Space – next satellites based on Eurostar-3000E contracted

Inmarsat-6 F1 and F2 will be solid fundament for continously developing fleet of modern satellites belonging to Inmarsat. On 24 December 2015 Airbus Defence and Space announced that it was chosen by Inmarsat, British satellite telecommunications company, as main contractor for designing and manufacturing two new satellites. Inmarsat hopes that two new spacecrafts with launch date planned for…
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Tiangong-2 confirmed for 2016 !

It was officially announced that new Chinese space station Tiangong-2 will be launched on 2016. CNSA confirmed for that on first half of 2016, they are planning launch of second Tiangong orbit experimental module. Previously scheduled on 2015, launch was postponed to 2016 on September 2014 and now it is officially announced. Tiangong-1 still remains on orbit in…
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Next attempt of SpaceX to land with Falcon-9 on 17th January 2016

SpaceX will try to perform next landing with first stage of Falcon-9 on 17th January during Jason-3 mission. This time Falcon-9 will be in previous 1.1 version. SpaceX is going to keep fast pace of reusable technology development (more about reusable technology You can read here). After spectacular success on 21 December 2015 when first…
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First EVA on ISS in 2016 is getting close !

Next space walk on ISS is scheduled for 15th January 2016 and will be 192th maintenance EVA on ISS. This time ISS crew members will perform EVA to replace broken voltage regulator (Sequential Shunt Unit - SSU) fitted into one from eight power channels on ISS. Part, designed and manufactured by Space Systems Loral, failed…
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China will remain main contractor for Nigerian satellites

It was announced that China will be main contractor for new Nigcomsat satellites. China and Nigeria are starting negotiating new contract for additional Nigcomsat satellites. Government of Nigeria is planning to spend over $700 million for this investment thanks to the credit provided by China Exim Bank.  Chinese contractor, China Great Wall Industry Corporation will develop two satellites: Nigcomsat-2 and Nigcomsat-3.…
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New horizons to reach- next Chinese small launch vehicles in 2016 !

In spite of medium and heavy Long March rockets, China space industry is going to offer variety of adequate launch vehicles especially for being continuously downsized satellites. Please take a look on picture above and imagine that this man is holding imaging satellite. It weighs around 1 kg. Compare it to payload capacity of medium sized…
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InSight after problems on December 2015 is put into question

Problems with leakage in SEIS seismometer which is one of crucial onboard instruments on InSight Mars lander could threat all program. Problems started on November 2015 when first leakage was spotted, but CNES specialists managed to repair it and keep the schedule. Unfortunately on 21 December 2015, when during test of SEIS performed by French scientist…
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