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GSAT-19 is an experimental GEO satellite manufactured and developed by ISRO. Its main purpose is to conduct tests of I-6K satellite modular bus along with different devices useful in developing future communication satellites. ISRO will perform tests of such systems like electric propulsion, Lithium onboard batteries or deployable radiators. Spacecraft weighs 3200 kg and is…
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Atlas V 401 • SBIRS-GEO 3

The Space-Based Infrared System (SBIRS) is a consolidated system intended to meet the United States' infrared space surveillance needs through the first two to three decades of the 21st century. The SBIRS program is designed to provide key capabilities in the areas of missile warning, missile defense and battlespace characterization. SBIRS is an integrated "system…
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Next from the series of Japanese communication satellites built by NEC. With transponders operating on X band satellite will enhanced communication capabilities of Japan Self-defense Forces. Both satellites are based on Mitsubishi Electric DS-2000 bus and were offered to Japanese Ministry of Defense as private initiative by NEC.  Due the technical specification of DS2000, satellite will be probably…
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Falcon-9 1.2V • EchoStar-23

Next mission of SpaceX Falcon-9 1.2v will be performed in third quarter of 2016. On atop of Falcon we will see Echostar-23 satellite. It is broadcasting spacecraft built under contract between Echostar and Space Systems/Loral signed in 2014. Satellite is based on SSL-1300 bus which was originally manufactured for cancelled Echostar-13 satellite. Echostar-23 will be…
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Ariane 5 ECA • BepiColombo

Joint mission of ESA and JAXA - to reach Mercury with space probe! BepiColombo will fly to Mercury for 6.5 years (MTM - Mercury Transfer Module manufactured by ESA - will be providing propulsion for probe), deploy orbiter (MPO - Mercury Planetary Orbiter, which will be manufactured by JAXA and stay on Mercury orbit) which will perform series of measurements of…
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