Confirmed launches

Antares 230 • Cygnus OA-9

One from Orbital ATK in-house missions under CRS-1 contract. Antares 230 rocket with two new RD-181 engines and larger Castor 30XL second stage. Rocket will deliver Cygnus robotic cargo spacecraft with supplies for international Space Station. Orbital will utilize during this mission enhanced version of Cygnus able to deliver up to 3200 kg of payload…
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Ariane 5 ECA • BepiColombo

Joint mission of ESA and JAXA - to reach Mercury with space probe! BepiColombo will fly to Mercury for 6.5 years (MTM - Mercury Transfer Module manufactured by ESA - will be providing propulsion for probe), deploy orbiter (MPO - Mercury Planetary Orbiter, which will be manufactured by JAXA and stay on Mercury orbit) which will perform series of measurements of…
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Delta IV • GPS-3 1st

First satellites from third generation of GPS satellites and first in history build by Lockheed Martin. It will be also ultimate GPS-3 satellite launched on atop of Delta IV rocket. Satellite will be lifted to circular orbit with inclination at 55.0° and altitude of 20200 km. Satellites will remain operational for 15 years. Satellite is based on A2100 bus…
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Rokot • Sentinel-3B

Launch of the Sentinel-3B was originally planned for March with Vega rocket. Mission was swapped with Sentinel-2B mission planned utilization of  Rockot launch vehicle probably in the end of the first half of 2017. Sentinel-3B is remote sensing satellite designed by Thales Alenia Space with utilization of Prima Bus. Spacecraft weighs around 1200 kg and is equipped…
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Atlas V • AEHF-4

AEFH-4 is fourth from series of new communication satellites for Department of Defense. They will be base for new military communication system operating worldwide, highly secured, fast and characterized with high level of capacity. AEFH-4 is built by Lockheed Martin with communication payload designed and manufactured by Northrop Grumman. Lockheed was contracted for series of six satellites with…
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