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Falcon-9 • Iridium NEXT 1-10

Planned launch of first two Iridium NEXT satellites was cancelled due the problems with availability of Ukrainian Dnepr rockets and lack of agree from Russian authorities for launching Dnepr from Russian Dombarovsky Cosmodrome. ISC Kosmotras Company responsible for launching Iridium NEXT-1 and Iridium NEXT-2 satellites mission was forced to break contract - Iridium decided to combine these two satellites with…
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SS-520-4 • TRICOM-1

Modified sounding rocket with 3 kg Cubesat on atop - well it should not be surprising in era of nanotechnologies ! JAXA decided to use sounding rocket with added third stage to deliver to 180 km  x 1500 km and inclined at 31° orbit 3U CubeSat created by  University of Tokyo. It is spin stabilized…
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Kuaizhou-1A • Jilin-1

Second mission of light launch vehicle from Kuaizhou family. Rocket is delivered to place of launch on TEL vehicle and launched from mobile platform. Operated by first commercial launch service provider in China, CASIC Rocket Technology Co., Ltd. Rocket is able to reach GEO orbit with 430 kg of payload. During this launch rocket will deliver to orbit…
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Long March 3B • TJSW-2

It is next mysterious launch conducted by China in 2016. TJS-2 is satellite designed to test new communication technologies, but no details were unveiled. It will be probably operating from GEO orbit, just as its predecessor TJS-1. It will be launched on atop of Long March 3B from Xichang Satellite Launch Center. Long March 3B…
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Long March 2D • GaoJing-1&2

First two from planned constellation of 24 civilian imaging and remote sensing satellites designed by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. First two satellites will be optical imaging spacecrafts with resolution up to 0.5 m (panchromatic) or 2 m (multispectral) and 12 km swath, powered with two deployable solar arrays. They will be placed on…
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