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United Launch Alliance Announced Plans to Focus on Commercial Launches

Tony Bruno, United Launch Alliance President and chief executive, announced that the company was going to focus more on commercial launches going forward. Initially, they were assisting the United States government with a backlog of national security launches. The company spent its first 10 years in operation providing this kind of assistance, hoping to help…
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Funding Setback Causes Planetary Resources to Re-Evaluate Their Plans

Planetary Resources has been developing technology they hope to use for asteroid prospecting. In January of this year, the company successfully launched an Arkyd-6 CubeSat aboard an Indian Polar Satellite Launch vehicle. This CubeSat contained six units and was developed to prospect and extract resources from asteroids. In addition to its infrared instrument, the CubeSat…
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Preparation for BlackSky Satellite Launch

March 6, 2018 brought an announcement about the BlackSky satellite from Spaceflight Industries. The Blacksky device is described as an operational satellite and is meant to be one of four satellites used in the BlackSky Earth imaging constellation. All four are planned to be launched within one year. The big news has to do with…
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NASA vs. Congress, Looking at the 2019 Budget

NASA has to have approval for important funding to keep the space program up and running. Every project must undergo scrutiny about its relevance to research and other uses. The 2019 budget seems to be set up for dispute, already.  NASA’s proposal includes a funding request for the Europa Clipper Mission. There is more than…
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First Starlink Internet Constellation Test Satellites Launched by SpaceX

SpaceX experienced yet another successful launch, sending the Paz radar satellite and two Starlink test satellites into orbit. The satellites were launched with a two-stage Falcon 9 at about 6:00 am local time from an Air Force base in California. With this launch, SpaceX also tried to recover the nose cone payload fairing, using a…
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New Spacesuit from NASA in Development

The new spacesuit in development from NASA incorporates a part of history. The new suits are projected to have a built-in toilet. This feature was a part of past space suits in the 1970’s. The suit would eliminate the need to change clothes for a maximum of six days. This may not seem like fun…
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Big Island Space Simulation Ended Due to Medical Incident

The Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS) project is meant to simulate the conditions of space as much as is possible on Earth. For the duration of the mission, crew members reside at 8,200 feet in a dome on Mauna Loa. In some missions, including the Mars simulation, the crew is sealed in the…
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NASA Tests X3 Ion Thruster for Possible Mars Missions

NASA has been testing propulsion systems for future Mars missions, and they may have found their solution in X3. This type of thruster works by drawing its acceleration power from nearby electric and magnetic fields. As a result, it is safer and much more fuel efficient than other types of propulsion systems. Unfortunately, these types…
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Chinese Space Station Falling to Earth…But Don’t Panic

In only a few weeks, a non-operational Chinese space station is expected to fall to Earth. Known as the Tiangong-1 station, this satellite is not expected to make it to the surface of the planet. Instead, scientists are predicting that it will burn up as it makes its way through the atmosphere. It’s possible that…
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3-D Technology Can Study Astronaut Health

Over the next four years, NASA engineers hope to come up with 3-D printable technology capable of handling liquids aboard the International Space Station without spilling in microgravity. This gives astronauts aboard the ISS the ability to analyze their own biological samples, such as blood, without needing to send them back to Earth. At the…
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