Soyuz-2.1A • Kanopus-V-1K N1 & Corvus-BC 1/2 & SatByul &Zond & Zvezda

This time it will be crowded under fairing of Soyuz-2.1a. Roscosmos planned lifting to the orbit their new remote sensing satellite, Kanopus-V-1K N1. Designed by NPO VNIIEM as imaging satellite for real time monitoring disasters and general observations. Equipped with panchromatic cameras is able to take pictures with resolution at 2.1m and using multispectral camera with resolution at 10.5 m. Additional payload will be: Zond satellite for sun observations designed by NPP VNIIEM especially for Lonozond project), two Corvus-BC satellites by Aquila Space for Earth observation utilizing multispectral imaging camera with a resolution of 22 meters per pixel, and four SatByul satellites. SatByul are small imaging satellites operated by South Korean company SatByul Co, Ltd. Roscosmos planned to utilize Soyuz-2.1a combined with Fregat-M upper stage. This version of Soyuz is upgraded Soyuz-2 by replacing analog flight control with digital systems, upgrading boosters and injecting system in first stage of the rocket. Changes were performed for increasing capabilities of the rocket for launches with larger payload fairing. Fregat-M is upgraded Fregat module by NPO Lavochkin with bigger fuel tanks.