Falcon-9 • Koreasat-5

Falcon-9 FT will deliver South Korean communication satellite to its lasting 15 years mission. Koreansat-5 is known also as Mugunghwa-5 and is designed and manufactured by Alcatel Alenia Space with utilization of Spacebus-4000C1. It will serve for both civilian and military purposes. It will operate with 36 transponders on Ku, C and SHF band - last one will be reserved only for South Korean armed forces. Satellite will deliver multimedia services along with digital television; 8 SHF transponders will support communication abilities of South Korean army with latest communication technologies resist for EMP. Satellite will be operating on GEO orbit; it weighs 4465 kg and is powered with two deployable solar arrays. It is powered with reliable S400 thruster as Apogee Kick Motor, fueled with MMH/MON and designed by Airbus with thrust at 425 N. It was not unveiled if during this mission first stage of the Falcon-9 will perform landing, but due the fact that destination is GEO orbit it is less possible.