Falcon-9 1.2V • SES-10

Next SES satellite will be again launched by SpaceX on atop of their flagship rocket and it is highly possible that launch will be performed on September 2016. SES-10 is broadcasting satellite based on Eurostar-3000 bus and built by Airbus Defence and Space. Satellite weighs 5300 kg, it has operational life at 15 years; it will be placed on orbital slot 67° W and will replace AMC-3 and AMC-4 satellites. Its 50 highly efficient Ku band transponders (powered with two deployable solar arrays) will cover with their range Latin America, Mexico, oil and gas platforms on Atlantic near Brazil. Satellite will be launched on atop of the most advanced and largest Falcon-9 version - 1.2V (FT). It is possible that SpaceX will try to perform landing of the first stage and test reusable technology.