Falcon Heavy • Inmarsat-5 F4

 It will be fourth from series of new communication satellites developed by Boeing for British company Inmarsat. These satellites are first from most recent constellation developed by Inmarsat and called Global Xpress (GX) and are offering communication services. Satellite is based on widely utilized BSS-702HP bus and is equipped in 89 Ka band transponders. Satellite weighs 6070 kg, it is equipped in XIPS electric propulsion; it will be used as backup for previously three satellites. It is planned that Falcon Heavy by SpaceX will be utilized during this mission. Rocket height is 68.4 m, diameter is 3.66 m and weight is 1462836 kg. Falcon Heavy core will utilize first and second stage of Falcon-9 1.1v rocket with two first stages of Falcon-9 1.2v as strap on boosters. Planned payload capacity for GTO missions is 21.2 t.