Canadian company GHGSat Inc. announced about positive end of testing of their new satellite called GHGSat-D. Designed and built on University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS) will be observation satellite with mission focused on measuring level of greenhouse gas. Satellite is equipped with SWIR imaging spectrometer for detailed observation of large GHG emitters like water tanks, landfills and stacks. Satellite is based on Nemo-V1 bus it weighs 15 kg (9 kg is dedicated for payload), has peak power at 80 w provided by solar arrays and onboard battery. Satellite is mainly demonstrator, eventually GHGSat INC. is planning to put into LEO whole constellation of commercially available GHG measuring satellites. Launch service provider, ISRO is going to use PSLV launch vehicle in this mission. According to GHGSat Inc. launch is planned on April 2016, but it is also possible that GHGSat-D will be launch in combined mission with Cartosat-2C in September 2016 (Cartosat-2C mission is described here).

Update: Satellite will be launched with Cartosat-2C in June 2016.