Proton-M • Eutelsat-9B

Eutelsat-9B is broadcasting satellite built under contract signed in 2011 between French Eutelsat Company and Astrium (Airbus Defence and Space). Based on Eurostar-3000 bus and weighing 5175 kg, is equipped with 66 Ku band transponders for increasing potential of Eutelsat on TV market in Europe. Additional payload will be EDRS-A for European Data Relay Satellite system - it is communication system providing fast and bi-directional data transmitting between LEO observation satellites and ground receiving stations. EDRS-A will be utilized at the beginning by Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 satellites operating under Copernicus program. Eutelsat-9B will operate from Eutelsat’s 9°E slot for 15 years of operating life. Satellite will be launched on atop of Proton-M rocket with Breeze-M upper stage. Liquid fueled and consisting three stages, Proton-M is able to lift to GTO orbit up to 6700 kg of payload. It is possible thanks to Breeze-M upper stage equipped with one  S5.98M engine providing 19.6 kN of thrust.

UPDATE: Launch postponed to 30 January 2016