Soyuz-2.1A / Volga • MVL-300

It is scheduled launch of MVL-300 satellite. It was developed under project "Lomonosov" by Moscow State University. It is observation satellite designed to gather data with optic cameras and detectors. Data will help in researches and studies on gamma-bursts in space and in upper atmosphere of Earth. MVL-300 is designed to remain operational for five years.  Soyuz-2.1A rocket will be utilized during this mission. It has upgraded, digital telemetry, improved engines and injection system in boosters. 2.1A version is only version of Soyuz with ability to be launched from French Guiana Space Center (as Soyuz ST-A). Launch postponed from 02:01 GMT for later hour.

UPDATE: Launch postponed for 28th April 2016 for 02:01 GMT